Curriculum: The school runs according to the principles and methods of modern educators whose educational establishments are known throughout the world. It follows the latest curriculum implemented by the Board of Secondary Education. Secondary Education



1. It is compulsory for every child to come to school in full uniform.

2. School badge is compulsory in all the school days.

3. Every pupil must possess students hand book which should be brought to school daily.

4. School Badges, Waist Belt and School Ties will be available from the school.

For Boys:

Ø Ash Colour Short/Full Pant

Ø White Half/ Full sleeved Shirt

Ø Black Shoe and white socks

Ø Red Neck Tie

Ø Red Waiste Belt

Ø Navy Blue Sweater/Navy Blue Blazer coat.

For Girls:

Ø Ash colour Skirts

Ø White half/full sleeved shirt

Ø Black Shoe and white Sock

Ø Red waiste Belt

Ø Navy Blue Sweater/Navy Blue Blazer coat