“Destiny of the nation is shaped in the classroom”- Kothari commission. At the very outset, it is my immense pleasure and takes this opportunity to welcome you to SILAPATHAR RESIDENTIAL ENGLISH HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, SILAPATHAR. This institution, since its inception in 1982, is committed to provide and promote education with potentiality towards enlightenment. We have firm belief in an efficient education system and it can be the real path breaker of Ignorance. Lighting a light of Knowledge with dedication and devotion will dispel the darkness centered in ignorance. And the same ideal remain the zeal of our institution. Needless to state, a wholesome society dwells in a society where the flow of knowledge and wisdom is education based.

The institution has been serving a needful purpose for the needy society. It has set its glory in disseminating knowledge and shaping a strong base for its students. The institution is always striving with tireless effort to produce students with real purpose attached to their educational value, enabling them to walk the real path of their career and life. We are helping them to develop their knowledge, skills, competence and attitude to execute them for the welfare and prosperity of the society. The mission and vision of ours is to build the destiny of the nation in the classroom. Our school is delved in nurturing children’s outlook at the very early elementary stage up to matriculation. In other word it includes classes from kinder garden i.e K.G. section and is extended up to matriculation level or class X. It provides with a handy library, essential infrastructures, a large playground and amenities for computer education. In its feature of education system, we emphasize on the total development of the student of the students’ personality, drawing out their dormant talents via various co-curricular activities including sports culture, art or be it literature.

Inculcating a value based education and on the ideals of discipline morality democracy, integrity and sincerity always remains the fate of our system. A cordial teacher-pupil relation has built an encouraging and exploring education system in the school campus. All these features adds to the insignia of the school. I again take this opportunity to welcome you all to our school. I am sure here we can explore and enhance a greater learning and garner a bright future.