“1. There are for exam in a year First terminal, Half yearly, Second Terminal and Final examination apart from the Unit Test.

2. No student will be allowed to sit any examination without the clearance of the fees for the current month duly paid.

3. A student who is absent fro the main examination for any reason other than illness will be considered fail .In case of illness Medical certificate should be produced. The pupil absent from any examination will not be re-examined.

4. Students copying or practicing unfair means in the examination will be expelled from the remaining subject.

5. No pupil is allowed to sit for the final examination if the attendance during the year is below 75%.

6. Reports for the all examination are given in the progress report card .Parents/Guardians should sign them regularly and follow the progress of their children.


1. The school fee covers twelve calendar months and must be paid in  monthly instalments on or before 20th of each month.

2. Special fees must be paid with the instalments.

3. No reduction is made for holydays or broken periods.

4. The fees can be paid in one sum also at the option of the parent.

5. Pupil who fail to pay fees before 30th of the month will have to pay a fine of Rs-10.

6. Those who seek admission late during the scholastic year will have to pay the fees of the previous months also.

7.No pupil will allowed to sit for examination without the fees and fines for the current month duly paid.

8.A late fine will be imposed in getting admission from February 1st of every year.

9.The board of school management reserves the right to make any alternation in the fees having previously given notice.


1.There are six school days in a week with the exception of Sunday.

2. The working day is divided into two sessions. The morning session lasts from 8.20 A.M. to 11 A.M. and the afternoon session from11.00A.M. to 1.00 P.M.

3. Every student must attend classes regularly every day.

4. Students are expected to keep perfect silence in the classroom.

5. Absentees will not be allowed to attend classes without producing leave application.

6. Pupil requiring leave during school hours must obtain from the principal and notify their class teachers before going away.

7. If any student absent from the school longer than 15(fifteen) days unnoticed, his/her name shall removed from the attendance register. If readmitted he/she should pay the admission fee.

8. No pupil will be allowed to sit for the final exam if the attendance during the years below75%.