<p>1.Since the medium of the instructions in the in English, it is mandatory for the students to speak in English in the school campus.<br /> 2.Every student must participate the daily assembly.<br /> 3.Pupils are strictly prohibited from the habit of taking any narcotics, practice of cheating, stealing make any remarks on the walls or any part of the school premises or furnitures.<br /> 4.Eating anything anything in the classroom is strictly prohibited.<br /> 5. Every pupil should leave the wish the teachers when one meets in the school premises or outside.<br /> 6. No pupil should leave the classroom without the permission of teacher in-charge.<br /> 7. Pupils are strictly forbidden to enter the teacher’s common room or office room without permission.<br /> 8. Every pupil must take part in the non scholastic areas like work experience, games and sports, literary and cultural field etc.<br /> 9. Students suffering from infections or contagious disease are not permitted to attend the school for affixed time.<br /> 10. Any book periodicals, pictures, etc which distracts students from their studies are not allowed to bring to school. All books private reading must be submitted to the principal for approval.<br /> 11. No pupil will be allowed to take part in the activities of any political or other organizations.<br /> 12. Any damage of the furniture or the property of the school will have to be made good by the offender, the decision of the principal regarding the matter is final.<br /> 13. Pupils are themselves responsible for their books, fountain pens, tiffin carriers or any other articles they bring to school.<br /> 14. Students must take proper care of the school library books and magazines used by them.<br /> 15. Any information for misconduct of students outside the school received by the principal will be seriously deal with.<br /> 16. Students must be up to date in their home assignments and other works. The principal may look into their books any time.<br /> 17. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards the members of the staff or bade moral influence justify dismissal. Pupils are responsible for school authorities for their conduct.<br /> 18. Late comes will be market absent and liable to serious punishment.<br /> 19. Ones the school comes to school, he/she is not permitted to leave the school during school hours without the permission of the principal.<br /> 20. Holydays list will be prepared at the beginning of the academic session every year by the students’ convenience which will be issued to every Student.<br /> 21. Identity cards issued to students must be brought to school daily.</p>


<p>Ø Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to cooperate with school authority regarding rules and regulations of the school.<br /> Ø They should take an active interest in their children progress in the outsides throughout the year.<br /> Ø They should sign their children records and examination reports time to time.<br /> Ø Any communications request or complaint made by parents or guardian should be addressed to the principal and to the teachers.<br /> Ø Parents and guardians are welcome to consult the principal and teachers regarding their words whenever necessary. They are requested to contact the teachers with due permission of the principal.<br /> Ø Parents and guardian are not allowed to see their children during the class hours. Permission is to be taken from the principal in case of unavoidable circumstances.<br /> Ø Business transaction will be done in the period of transaction hours only.</p>